Welcome to the Rebuilds and Project page, past, current and future!
Here you will find a few shots of what I'm working on and one day, plan to.

The background of this page was made from my collection of Mugen stickers that were purchased in 1981.

Enjoy!......... Thor

Customer's Shocks
(a few samples of my work)

More than just a rebuild due to the RUST, this restoration is being done for Roger Boardwine, a local MX'er and friend.

July 2005
August 9th, removed springs, right shaft looks cleanable, the left looks iffy and has allot of play.
August 13th, nasty surprise!  The play is from a valve that is chewed up and the brass bushing is badly worn.  There was no oil in either shock and no traces of metal in the blown one.   While working on finding parts, the project gets shelved for awhile.

January '06, Roger locates another pair of Shoxs with reservoirs, I borrowed parts from the original pair and delivered the finished product a week before our season opener at Budds Creek in March 06.

(These were hand sanded, I've since bought a sand blaster cabinet and use fine abrasive for a smooth surface and finish.)

Here's another before and after Shox restoration.

Al Conte's Gas Shoxs
First set were painted with Krylon Fusion after a coat of adhesive primer.
The second set were powder coated.

Larry Mace's Gas Shoxs
Powder coated springs and bodies

One of the original AirShoxs, the early single valve unit.  They look cool for a vintage restoration but lack in performance.

AirShoxs with polished mounts and bearing.

A before and after.

Here's an example of what not to do to AirShoxs, paint insulates the body and retains heat.  This set was a mess to clean up.

Originally, this pair belonging to Fred Guidi had 2 different color bodies, black anodizing along with polishing the mounts & bearings cleaned them up nicely.


Remote Reservoir -- Geoff Boyer.

Piggybacks--Mike Sandridge
Remote Reservoir -- Richard Fogel  Shock body and bushings zinc plated, shaft repaired & plated.

Remote Reservoir Before and After.

Clear coated legs.


Fred Guidi's Before and after

  Brian King's Piggybacks

Works Performance
Early Works with Needle Valve added.


RedWing Hammerheads

Suzuki RM250 Reservoir Body

Honda XR75's
The project(s) started with a 73 Flat Tracker that I picked up for $50 in 2001.  A fuel fire victim, the bike has a 16" rear wheel, a spool front, an exhaust pipe that I guess to be custom made and is pictured with the 75 model below.  The motor is alleged to have various performance parts from the period.  The bike was a rolling chassis minus seat, fenders, plates, tank, carb, cables, and controls.

In 2004, I was given a 75 model that was minus wheels.  The most impressive feature of this bike is a stock exhaust pipe that does not have a ding or a spot of rust on it!

Currently, I'm putting the 75 model back together after stripping it down and painting.  The 73 "flat track" motor is being utilized.

Parts purchased so far: Local Hardware and Automotive Store--assorted hardware and paint, EBay--front and rear wheel, Honda Dealer--fork seals, shift and kick rubbers, air filter element.  Parts Cost to date=$100, enjoyment factor=Priceless! 

75 model with 73 custom pipe and EBay front wheel.

Future MX'ers cleaning motors.

May 30, 2005

The motor goes in.  July 29, 2005

85? Yamaha GT80 Mini Enduro
A freebie acquired in 2004.

78 Honda CR250R
Restored and sold to George Nebeling.

80 Suzuki RM400
Sold to George Ackerman.

83 Honda CR250R

Sold to Bill "Hurricane" Matthews

74 and 75 Yamaha MX100B
To be Posted.

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